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On-site Event Manager

As your event deserves to have the best quality service, GEH provides a professional supervisor dressed in a suit to direct all staff who work front of the house for your event. From supervising setup staff to wait staff, bartenders to scullery, this person will ensure smooth execution of your special event.

Wait Staff

GEH’s wait staff will be dressed in formal black and white. They can service guests when they arrive witha refreshing drink and will be at your service during the cocktail hour providing appetizers and beverages. During buffet service GEH’s wait staff will be attentive to the guests’ needs, making sure each table is tidy and guests’ drinks are refreshed. For a plated meal, a GEH wait staff member will ensure their table receives excellent personalized service from beginning to end.


GEH’s professional bartenders will completely service your bar, which includes setup, chilling of beverages, and cleanup. GEH bartenders are fully trained and eminently professional in serving cocktails and will discretely handle any problems that may arise associated with the consumption of liquor.


GEH’s professional bar backs are the backbone of a smooth and well-maintained bar. They assist the bartenders in the setup, chilling of beverages, replenishing of stock, and cleanup. GEH bar backs are trained and well-versed in serving beer and wine.


GEH’s professional barista will facilitate a smooth and efficient coffee station. They are experts at creating flavored coffees and espressos to order.

Stewards/Scullery Experts

GEH’s steward/scullery expert will handle equipment disbursement and collection to coordinate adequate quantities. These professionals will ensure minimal damage and loss of rental equipment. In addition, these experts will handle all the logistics in the prep tent and work closely with the wait staff to coordinate coffee brewing, dish disposal, trash removal and the overall cleanliness of the event prep area.

Set Up & Breakdown Crew

GEH’s setup crew will arrive at the appointed time to your event location and setup all aspects of your event — buffets, bars, and guest seating, as detailed on the event order. They will handle final details such as polishing glassware, dinnerware, flatware, and napkin presentation, ensuring that the table presentation meets GEH’s high standards of quality. GEH’s breakdown crew will remove equipment professionally and in a timely manner from the event site.

Buffet Attendants

GEH’s buffet attendants will be dressed in formal black and white. Their primary duties are to oversee the buffet area ensuring proper replenishment and buffet maintenance.

On-site Carvers

GEH’s professional carvers will expertly carve from elegant carving stations.


GEH’s driver will deliver equipment and supplies and coordinate collection at the end of your event. This professional will make sure you have accurate delivery and minimal damage and/or loss.

Staffing Guidelines

  • One Lead for every 200 guests
  • Buffet dinner: One Server per 30 guests
  • Plated dinner: One Server per 20 guests
  • One Bartender per 100 guests
  • One Busser per 50 guests (for plated dinners)
  • One Scullery for up to 150 guests
  • One Food Runner per 30 guests

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